Frabjous Mother's Day

Frabjous Mother's Day

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Frabjous Day!

Well maybe it wasn’t quite that wondrous in some mother’s eyes but small gestures done with a full heart make big marks in my book, the very best kind of mark.

Yesterday my very active 13- year- old spent a good part of her morning and midday on a job. She pulled foot high weeds for someone and ended up with prickly fingers in spite of the garden work gloves she wore. She earned eight bucks for her efforts. I was curious what she was so gung ho to get with her eight dollars, but she took off to play right after that and stayed overnight at a friend’s house so I didn’t get a chance to ask her.

She rode her bike to youth group in church this morning from her friend’s house. It doesn’t end until after half past twelve. She had called at nine to wish me a happy mother’s day so I figured that what the crescendo of my day, being woken from an intensely interesting dream to a precious voice on the phone, saying “ I love you, Mommy. Happy Mother’s Day!” That would have been enough as long as I got to spend time with her after church.

The front door opened and a happy voice yelled, “Hi Mommy, I’m home!” to which I responded, “Hello, my precious daughter!”

Once she squirrels herself into an activity she disappears into her room, the attic, the front yard or the backyard.

In she walks with her hands behind her back and a big smile on her face. “ I have a surprise for you,” she says. She looked like she could barely contain herself. She walked across the room and handed me a beautiful red rose which was obviously a florist’s long stemmed rose, but the stem was only five inches long. She sheepishly told me, “ I sort of broke the stem when I was carrying it out of the store.” I had to laugh. That is something she would do.

We put it in a small clear round vase I have and set it next to me. She also made me a wonderful, bright and creative card and bought a small bag of dark chocolate M&M’s for me, knowing my intense love of chocolate.

Where did she get the money? She spent the money she earned the day before, all except a few pennies that were left, on her mommy, almost every penny she had worked so hard for.

Eight dollars may not seem like an extravagant gift to some people but to me it was priceless. She gave of herself and all of herself and did everything all by herself. Look at it this way. She gave almost all she had to show her mommy what she meant to her on Mother’s Day. I would call that a Frabjous Mother’s Day, wouldn’t you?